Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wampanoags add acres to Taunton casino site - is town ready for tax and jurisdiction losses?

The Boston Herald reports that the Wampanoag tribal council headed by Cedric Cromwell and his gang has purchased more land in Taunton for their Indian reservation casino.

Has anyone asked the Taunton police ( how they feel about ceding jurisdiction of 135 acres of  bars, restaurants, gaming rooms, hotels and shops to the historically corrupt Wampanoag council and their private security forces?

How does Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye ( feel about losing jurisdiction and local taxing authority over these lands?

What about the Taunton Planning Board's Kevin Scanlan ( - Kevin, how do the board members you feel about ceding all local zoning to an Asian-gaming syndicate backed band of Mashpee Wampanoag who live more than 50 miles away?

How about the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant commissioners like Peter Corr?  Want to know how hard it will be to collect utility fees from the tribe when their chief Cedric failed to pay his personal taxes and utilities in 2009?

Lest we forget what Wampa-World Taunton will mean - revisit our previous posts!  Or we can just follow the money and see how many of the folks above are recipients of Wampanoag lobbyist campaign cash and we'll see where the peoples' interests are being kept in Taunton.


  1. could not have said it better myself.I am so glad this came out and more to come.

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