Friday, April 27, 2012

Amazing video testimony on impact of casinos

Over promising and under delivering.  This video produced by concerned citizens in Foxboro, MA and it provides firsthand accounts from Connecticut residents of the impacts of the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Indian casinos on their small New England towns.

The local Connecticut communities bordering the casinos saw increases from 2,000 – 4,000 cars a day to 30,000 vehicles plus with constant traffic 24 hours a day and seven days a week from casino goers, employees and vendors.  Local roads, not state highways, became the routes of choice for casino employees and delivery trucks.  The increased traffic brought with it increased accidents and the highest drunk driving rates in the state. 

The character of towns around casinos in Connecticut dramatically changed with lower-rent housing developments to support low-income casino workers.   Casino workers in Connecticut are “hot bed” sharing rooms near the casino with shift workers rotating in and out of rented homes that are now no longer maintained and dragging down the values of their neighbors.  Connecticut towns found an average of 20 percent loss in property values on routes used to and from the casinos.

Local businesses were put out of business and boarded up. A 2009 report by State of Connecticut found the number of gambling treatment clinics increased from 1 to 17 clinics.  Embezzlement arrests linked to problem gamblers rose from 43 to 214 after the casinos opened.  The embezzlement-related costs to Connecticut businesses and municipalities was $7.5 million.  Every town and business within 15 to 20 miles now has higher accounting and insurance bills associated with these embezzlement risks. 

Costs for local school districts near Connecticut casinos also increased by more than $2 million per year to pay for ESOL and other mandated and special program costs associated with influx of lower-income casino workers’ children.

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  1. read it and weep Taunton because you will be if you allow this Corrupt Casino to go up in your town.You will get nothing and have no say so .Cedric Cromwell and his crew (Council) are liars and corrupt with their own people so what do you think you will get?