Thursday, April 12, 2012

What are they thinking?

Proposed Wampanoag Indian casino, hotel, restaurant, bar and hotel complex location in Taunton, MA


  1. June 19 the Gaming Commissioner will be in taunton to discuss the slots and casino etc to the children.

  2. What a disaster. This is the gang that couldn't shoot straight if there ever was one. Is Mayor Hoye smokin' the peace pipe with these sleezo's or just packing in the campaign contributions from them? Given the sad state of affairs (and ongoing litigation) in Middleboro, it's beyond imagination that Taunton would be dealing with the Mashpee tribe.

    1. I just read Reelwamps and Taunton if The Tribal Council do not care about their own people's rights you think they are going to care about yours.They have lied to their own people and have not told them what is going on . HINT HINT.

  3. Mashpee Wampanaog Chairman Cedric Cromwell said that the new acquisition is another tangible step towards building a first-class destination resort in Taunton.Working together with city officials,
    residents, and local business owners, we are putting together the
    resources to make this project a success for (our) tribe and the
    people of Taunton. This was a quote from Cedric the circus clown
    in Indian country today. What a guy, such a visionary.