Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Massachusetts ready for Wampa World Indian Gaming?

Indian reservation gaming was originally created to help desperately poor Native American’s living in isolated locations with no existing local businesses or opportunities to make money.  They were not ever meant to co-exist in urban, densely populated areas with existing businesses and opportunities for income.  That’s all about to change in the Bay State.

Brought to Southeastern Massachusetts by Deval Patrick and the Malaysian money bags at Genting, and courtesy of Cedric  Cromwell, let’s see what they have in store for a quiet community somewhere near Mashpee and how this will be VERY DIFFERENT from the state’s two other proposed non-Indian reservation casinos. 

Do you ever wonder why Cedric “Crush the Competition” Cromwell always refers to his Asian gaming syndicate backed scheme as an Indian Casino Resort Complex and not just plain old slots in a box casino?  Because unlike the other proposed casino developments, Indian reservation gaming is so, so much more.

Hotels, shops, restaurants and more!  But let’s look at Wampa World slots in a box component first.  And this is probably the real reason Deval “I don’t count every check” Patrick and Therese “Ca-Ching!” Murray conspired to put the non-competitive, Indian gaming preference language in their bill.

·        Unrestricted, unregulated, no-license fee, no sales tax slot machines:

All the other non-Indian casinos in the state will be given a maximum number of slots they can operate; watch out for a number around 2,000 machines per casino.   These restrictions are in place for many reasons, not the least of which is state treasury officials know that slot machines, more than any other type of gaming, compete directly with state lottery ticket sales – the more slots, the less lottery cash for state coffers. 

State officials cannot regulate the number of slots or any other operational aspect of gaming held on an Indian reservation casino.   The Foxwoods’ Indian Casino has 7,200 one armed bandits – slot machine lobbyists like Doug Rubin start to salivate when they see the potential of unrestricted slots.  Rubin is conveniently the Governor’s former point man on Massachusetts gaming legislation.  An Indian casino means an additional minimum $100 - $250 million in tax-free sales for his clients compared with non-Indian casinos.  Ca-Ching indeed!

Wampa World slots will not be regulated or licensed by the state.  Other casinos will be required to have their slots inspected and tested to ensure payouts are as advertised.  The non-Indian casinos will pay annual licensing fees to the state for each machine for this consumer protection oversight.  Not at Wampa World!  No outside inspectors will be allowed, neigh permitted, to check out any Wampa World slot or any other aspect of their operations.   No license fees will be paid.  No revenue sharing or taxes linked to the consumer cash lost.  “Bandit” hardly seems strong enough, Wampa World will have thousands upon thousands of one-armed-thugs. 

So, aside from “crush the competition” slots, Wampa World will also have:

·        Tax-free, unregulated sales of tobacco, liquor and other goods available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Other casinos can vie for local community restricted and defined business licenses to sell such products, not Wampa World.    Local taverns closing at 1 a.m. putting a damper on your party attitude, not a problem at Wamp World as State blue laws and local ordinances about liquor sales don’t apply here.  Fire water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For all those 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. problem drinkers, you now have a friend in Southeastern Massachusetts. 

Cigarette taxes keeping you from buying more smokes?  That’s not a problem at Wampa World where state taxes and restrictions on sales of tobacco to minors don’t apply.  Area liquor and convenience stores which made their living on sales of highly taxed goods like tobacco are in for a tough time though as Wampa Word’s 24-7 tax free conveniences will kill local businesses faster than you can say “crush the competition!”  Oh, and Wampa World will be a smokers paradise outside of the reach or eyes of state laws restricting smoking in public places and businesses.   Just another added benefit for the reservation “employees” who won’t enjoy any labor or related protections at Wampa World.

Duty Free without the burden of a TSA security check!  Wampa World will have shopping of all stripes and kinds.  From clothing to perfume, you need no longer patronize the local shoppe when tax-free goods sold all day and night will be available “on the reservation” at Wampa World.  Southeastern Massachusetts shopkeepers should file their disaster recovery paperwork with FEMA now, because thanks to Governor Patrick’s Indian gaming preference legislative addendum, Hurricane Cedric will be a Category 5 catastrophe for existing tax paying, law abiding businesses. 

·        Round the clock hospitality.  Hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment of all stripes will be available at Wampa World.

Hotel rooms rented with state taxes, local fees or zoning and licensing requirements will be a thing of the past if Wampa World opens.  Even quaint inns and local bed and breakfasts won’t be able to compete with thousands of hotel rooms which pay no taxes or fees built without zoning restrictions on land which pays no local property taxes.

Theaters, cabarets, discos and more!  Local community theater and arts groups watch out.  The big acts are coming.  No sharing ticket fees with localities, property taxes or other pesky entertainment license expenses at Wampa World. 

Bars, bars and more bars!  No license requirements or pesky blue laws requiring they close by 2:00 a.m. and not serve before 11:00 a.m.  Wampa World bars will sell untaxed liquor without restrictions 24-7.  And don’t bother calling the local cops if you don’t like what you see; local police aren't invited at Wampa World.   Local pubs that must pay state taxes, respect local zoning and ordinances and are restricted from happy hour promotions and give-aways will soon go-away if Wampa World and Cedric “Crush the Competition” Cromwell get their way.

Restaurants will be in abundance.  From fast food and all-you-can-eat buffets to chic high-end eateries, Wampa World will offer food without the burden of meal taxes or local health and sanitation inspectors.   The anti-nanny culture critics will love Wampa World’s cuisine – no obesity Nazi nutrition labeling requirements and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em (and we don’t mean ribs) before during and after you’ve gorged at the trough.    Ask the local restaurant owners on the Cape and South Shore how excited they are about this competition coming their way!

Wampa World promises to be a neo-Sodom and Gomorrah of tax-exempt, unregulated, local competition-crushing activity.  Local communities will have no control over what happens “on the reservation” as local and state law enforcement will have no jurisdiction at Wampa World.   Now, this won’t happen for many, many years because right now Wampa World in Massachusetts would be illegal, requiring an Act of Congress and years of administrative wrangling – but right now, that’s all the Southeastern “Region C” has to look forward to under the current legislative special interest Indian gaming language.

Remember to thank the Governor and Senator Murray next time you see them.  Better yet, demand your state representatives and senators vote to eliminate the competition crushing, no state income benefit special deal.  Laws created to enable Indian gaming were never meant to be corrupted to fit “newly” created tribes and this type of lobbyist fueled gaming scheme.


  1. The quiet community near Mashpee will be the area of Plymouth (more than 500 acres) if Cedric has his way. With the help of someone who has a Mass.Gov job.

  2. Let's not forget tax free GAS!
    Tired of paying high prices at the pump....?
    Such a deal!

  3. This is pure corruption. Where is the Globe? Where is the Herald? How is this getting through our state legislature without evaluation, discussion or dissent?

  4. because money talks and yes it is pure corruption but who is going to investigate or prosecute when they are the ones who are also corrupt