Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Massachusetts casino bill a boon to special interest lobbyists

Wow is all one can say.  How Greg "revenue recapture" Bialecki and Governor "I don't count the checks" Patrick got this casino lobbyist written gift in front of any 2011 legislature is beyond words.  (Well, I'm sure Therese "Ca-ching!" Murray has some idea.)  It's as if we were back in the old days of behind closed door politics being run by mob bosses and bag men.

Click here if you want to read the copy of bill shared with the Associated Press.

Which lobbyists wrote this?  Liberty Square? Bill Delahunt?  Genting?  A sad state of affairs indeed.


  1. Genting $$$,Mashpee Tribe/ Mass State 000 thats what will happen .Deval you are a LIAR.

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