Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Genting - Wampanoag gaming syndicate eyes Raynham as next Aqueduct?

The Cape Cod Times is reporting that the Wampanoag gaming consortium, backed by Asian gambling syndicate Genting Group, is now eyeing the defunct dog track in Raynham, Massachusetts owned by George Carney.

The Wampanoag plan financiers are the Genting Group, one of the largest gambling syndicates in the world which has been aggressively seeking a foothold in the United States.  Genting recently acquired the Aqueduct Raceway in New York and  is lobbying legislators in Florida for rights to develop casinos in Miami.

Unlike New York and Florida, Massachusetts offers Genting an even bigger potential ROI for the million's they are sinking into the Wampanoag lobbying efforts.  Using the Wampanoag people, Genting will have the added benefit of tax-free income from their U.S. gaming investments.  If recent similar history is any indication, the investors will take all the cream from this deal and leave both the people of Massachusetts and the rank and file Wampanoag with sour milk.  All of which begs the question to our state and federal legislators - Why?  

So, while refusing to be quoted on this issue in the Cape Cod Times, we can all still call and ask Governor Duval Patrick, Senator Therese Murray, Senator Marc Pacheco, Representative Robert DeLeo and Raynham Selectman Joseph Pacheco some questions:

  • Why grant special consideration to this Asian gaming group - or any non-Native American financiers behind efforts to launch Indian gaming in Massachusetts?
  • Why dilute revenues, delay jobs and forgo tax income with this special "Indian" carve out which will require lengthy federal legislation and approvals where non-Indian gaming will not?
  • How much campaign and lobbying money that doesn't come from Asian gambling syndicates will it take for you to support the best interests of the people of Massachusetts?
Contact Governor Duval Patrick:  call ( 617) 725-4005 or email Duval.Patrick@state.ma.us or Twitter @MassGovernor 

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