Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reel Wamps called it - a publicity stunt gone bad

Check out the latest from Reel Wamps as they expose from inside the allegedly illicit dealings of the current cabal behind the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian gaming schemes.  According to Reel Wamps:

  • Raynham was just a publicity stunt to line the pockets of tribal chair Cedric Cromwell
  • There are no (required) recorded records of tribal council meetings since the Cromwell gang took over after previous council chair Glenn Marshall was convicted 
  • Authorities are aware of and looking into election improprieties which brought Cromwell to power
Tough stuff from a fellow member of the tribe.


  1. You really should check out the archives. They have some pretty racially charged language when referring to the Malaysians. I am sure it would give you a reason to re think the glorification you seem so anxious to bestow upon them.

  2. He is a sham. How do these phony clowns get voted in? This is not the native way, Its a bad Hollywood movie, with phony Indians playing
    real Natives.

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