Friday, August 26, 2011

Only one thing is faster and more damaging than Hurricane Irene to Massachusetts this week.

No more controversial issue has been rammed through the Massachusetts Legislature faster and with more frenzy in recent history than Governor Patrick’s lobbyist-written casino gaming bill.  NENC reports how the behind close-door dealings caught everyone by surprise this week putting out the proposed bill and announcing a quick after labor day “debate” and vote.

The speed with which the lobbyists are seeking push this past will leave no room for any real debate or analysis of the downsides to state revenues, delayed jobs and loss of local control by localities this special-interest laden bill presents.  Faster and with more irreversible damages to the state than Hurricane Irene, watch this lobbyist fueled vortex strip away any potential Massachusetts has for transparent, non-corrupt and highest potential return to the taxpayer gaming.   What we’ll get is billions in taxpayer losses at the gaming tables largely shipped tax-free to overseas investors backing groups like the Mashpee Wampanoags with little to no return to the state.  And, local communities will lose all control over zoning, local business protections and law enforcement. 

Check out Kathleen Norbut’s interview on NECN detailing these types of concerns:

Thank you to the cast of characters responsible for this casino storm -  Governor Deval "I don't count all the checks" Patrick, former Patrick aid turned slot industry lobbyist Doug Rubin, Gregory "revenue recapture" Bialecki, Stan "sexual assault" McGee, Therese "Ca-ching" Murray, Cedric "I will crush the competition by not paying taxes or fees" Cromwell and the gang at Genting for their tens of millions in cash used to fuel lobbyists and campaign contributions to corrupt legislators.

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  1. is it true Genting can not get a license in the USA that is why they are backing the Mashpee or I should say owning the Mashpee .So the Mashpee will only have a Commercial Casino not a Indian Casino because they will have no land into trust .