Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fair Bid Process - What a Concept!

Lawmakers fearful of the negative impact that a tribal preference and Indian gaming schemes proposed most recently by David Nunes and part of the ever evolving plots of Cedric Cromwell and Genting.  States News Service is reporting that legislators from Southeastern Mass are lobbying Governor Patrick to abandon his plans to help the slots industry (Doug Rubin) and his Indian campaign lobbyist pals (Bill Delahunt) with special preferences and set-asides in pending gaming legislation.

They know that Indian gaming will bring with it:
  1. Lower revenues for state coffers
  2. Delayed jobs due to required federal legislation and administrative hurdles
  3. Loss of local jurisdiction over law enforcement, zoning and taxes
If the Malaysian gaming giant Genting wants a piece of Massachusetts gambling, let them bid on it against the other developers.  If they win, they can pay taxes, obey local laws and help put Massachusetts back to work.  They don't need a questionable band of Indians with a history of corruption to make billions here.  The slot machine industry will still make hundreds of millions too, just not quite as many, with regulated machines paying license fees and sales tax to the state when sold to Genting or whomever ends up winning fair, open and competitive bids.

As for the Wampanoag, the tribe will be better off without the debt load and ridding themselves of the likes of Cedric Cromwell who will certainly flee the moment casino money promises dry up.  Cromwell, who has more English blood than Native American and only found his Wampanoag roots in the 1980's, is laughably now asserting a a "12,000 year" ancestral "right" run a gaming operation in Massachusetts.  Perhaps he'll take that argument next to his father's native homeland in Nova Scotia and set up his casino there.


  1. In one paragraph we are a questionable band and in another paragraph a tribe. Typical forked tongue language. And my Tribe certainly doesn't need advice from you on who we allow to lead us.

    As far as corruption goes, our land was corrupted, our rights have been corrupted, our history has been corrupted. We will make every effort to right these wrongs. And you will just have to choke on it

  2. The true Mashpee tribe isn't in question, only the "band" of nose bleeds from Dorchester holding secret meetings and hiding financial records from view of the true ancestral heirs - all for the sake of lining pockets of themselves and their foreign financial backers while saddling the true tribe members with tens of millions in debt.