Monday, July 27, 2009

Wampanoags sign up Genting Asian gambling syndicate as $$$ backers

What a twist.

According to Virgina Maddox, the Wampanoags have gotten in bed with the Asian Genting Group, the world's larges gambling syndicate to help them build a proposed $1 billion casino in Massachusetts.

According to Maddox's reporting, the tribe joined up with Genting because it wants to be prepared when the state legislature examines expanded gambling, as any legalization of slots would give the tribe the right to operate a casino featuring slots and other games.

It was bad enough when outside investors with a history of fleecing locals, like those who were previously financing the Wampanoag lobbying efforts, but now we have a foreign gambling syndicate involved.  This virtually ensures that any real financial benefits from a Wampanoag casino deal are exported to China and Malaysia where the Genting is based.

How is is possible that money from Asian gambling interests can be funneled through a local  Massachusetts Indian group into the pockets of elected state officials who will vote to give the tribe special status allowing them to set up a tax-exempt casino whose profits will then go to foreign investors tax-free?  So much for helping out the state budget coffers.

How many millions of  yuan (dollars) have been given to lobbyists like Bill Delahunt or funneled through him or other donors on the payroll of Genting?  It's already established that Senate President Therese Murray, a proponent of the Wampanoag deal, was the largest recipient of casino lobbying cash along with Governor Deval Patrick whose staff is clearly working behind the scenes on behalf of the tribe.

How twisted is that?  


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