Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mass Gaming Commission chair Crosby thumbs nose at requirements under Expanded Gaming Act of 2011 (MGL Chapter 194)

Mass Gaming Commission
continues to ignore legislature
The Cape Code Times’ George Brennan reports (Patrick expects casino deal next week, June 13, 2012) that The Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Steven Crosby plans to ignore requirements set forth by the Massachusetts Legislature in the Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 194 “AN ACT ESTABLISHING EXPANDED GAMING IN THE COMMONWEALTH.”  According to the article, Crosby stated that the “Commission would presume the tribe has the ability to get land into trust if it reaches a deal with the state and it's approved by the Legislature.”  Crosby added, "We'll give the tribe whatever the appropriate amount of time is to get that decision made.”

Crosby’s statement suggesting a State compact with Massachusetts Legislative approval represents sufficient evidence for the Commission that the Tribe will likely gain federal approval for their required land-in-trust application for an Indian casino shows a complete ignorance of current federal law and the application requirements.  

Current federal law, reinforced by two Supreme Court decisions (Carcieri v. Salarz & Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs), and guidance from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau for Indian Affairs (BIA) clearly states the Mashpee Wampanoag do not currently qualify for land in trust

Mashpee Wampanoag tribe Chairman Cedric Cromwell claims he is pursuing an “equal footing exception” to current law; however, BIA clearly states that such exceptions are extremely rare, require extensive and lengthy review, and the Mashpee Tribe, by all current independent expert reviews, fails to meet the minimum standards for such exceptions.  In fact, only one such equal footing exception has been granted in May 2012 by BIA since 2008 before the Carcieri ruling, and this was granted only after a seven year review process.  During this same time BIA has denied other applications from tribes with more qualifications for exemption than those offered by the Mashpee Wampanoag.

In addition, even if BIA were to grant the Mashpee Wampanoag an unlikely exception – the review process for which takes at least five to seven years with an existing backlog of more than 30 applications in front of the Mashpee’s– then this exception, if granted, still requires a supportive vote by the U.S. Congress to enact the land-in-trust transfer to the Tribe. Various influential Members of Congress, including Taunton and the Mashpee Tribe’s own representative Barney Frank, have publicly stated they would oppose any such votes.  Rhode Island’s legislators, including their Governor, are already moving to block the Mashpee Wampanoag application directly with BIA to protect their existing casino and Narraganset tribes’ interests located less than 25 miles away from the proposed Taunton casino.

Further, the Commissioner’s statement demonstrates that Crosby and his fellow commissioners are planning to ignore the state legislature’s intent and refuse to meet the Commission’s obligations under MGL Chapter 194, sections 67 and 91.

MGL 194, Sec. 67 clearly states:

The commission shall continue to evaluate the status of Indian tribes in the commonwealth including, without limitation, gaining federal recognition or taking land into trust for tribal economic development.

Crosby and the Commission have done no evaluation of the Mashpee Wampanoag application status and have received no expert opinions or evaluations of the likelihood of their application moving forward.  No records of any such evaluation, contracting for expert advice or reporting on this issue are found in any of the Commission’s published agendas.  By all accounts, the Gaming Commission has not even seen the elusive Mashpee Wampanoag full application Cedric Cromwell claims has been submitted to BIA.  

Yet, Mr. Crosby now states the Commission will use the successful negotiation of the Commonwealth’s Compact with the Tribe – a compact developed and negotiated for the Governor by the Gaming Commissions’ 48 hour tenure director Stan McGee before he was forced to resign his post following renewed claims about his 2007 arrest for sexually molesting a child in Florida. 

Unlike Mr. McGee’s problems - cited as an irrelevant and inconvenient distraction by Mr. Crosby -Massachusetts’ gaming law and the legislature’s intent are neither and must be addressed.  Crosby and the Governor tried to circumvent the General Court's will with regards to background checks for the likes of Mr. McGee (returning him to his high ranking policy post where he still works on casino issues for the Governor), only to be rejoined with a resounding veto override by both the Massachusetts House and Senate.  Mr. Crosby should have gotten the message then that the Legislature means business with regards to diligence and appropriate review for casino development issues in the Commonwealth.

Take note, MGL 194, Sec. 71 states that the Commission must conduct:
 (2) comprehensive legal and factual studies of the social and economic impacts of gambling in the commonwealth on: (a) state, local and Indian tribal governments; and (b) communities and social institutions generally, including individuals, families and businesses within such communities and institutions; provided, however, that the matters to be examined in such studies shall include, but not be limited to: (i) a review of existing federal, state, local and Indian tribal government policies and practices with respect to the legalization or prohibition of gambling, including a review of the costs of such policies and practices;
Apparently Mr. Crosby needs no comprehensive, legal or factual studies.  He simply wants to put the cart before the horse when it comes to granting the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Tribe a casino, before the Commission conducts any legal or factual studies or reviews existing federal policies on this matter.  Were he to conduct such legal or factual research, the Commission would find the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe would fail to meet the requirements for acquiring lands into Trust in Taunton under the law even without the current Carcieri roadblocks.
And, most importantly, MGL 194, Sec. 91 states if the requirements, which include the determination of a tribe’s ability to successfully secure the required federal approvals for their application for lands-in-trust:
That the Commission must open up and request applications from commercial licenses “not later than October 31, 2012; provided, however, that if, at any time on or after August 1, 2012, the commission determines that the tribe will not have land taken into trust by the United States Secretary of the Interior, the commission shall consider bids for a category 1 license in Region C under said chapter 23K.
Mr. Crosby now suggests he’s ceding all responsibility for oversight of an Indian casino approval to Governor Patrick while giving an open-ended, non-defined window of time to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to find a way around current law which prevents them from taking land into trust.  “We will give the Tribe whatever amount of time to get that decision” ensures years of litigation and delays in Southeastern Massachusetts which were NEVER intended nor anticipated by the legislators who voted for this law.
This will completely circumvent the intention of the legislature establishing the Commission to make casino approval decisions and in placing a one year timeline an Indian tribe to overcome any land-in-trust issues so as to avoid multi-year delays.  
The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has failed to overcome these challenges in the time allowed.  The Commission’s job now should be to move forward as prescribed by the law.  Taunton and the South Shore will otherwise be left mucking about the Wampanoag's administrative and litigation quagmire for years and years to come.  Those “urgently needed” jobs for which this legislation’s proponents claimed to be so desperately needed will never happen.  To ignore this is to admit the entire process and urgency of passing legalized gambling in Massachusetts was nothing more than a sham.
Given that the Governor and Mr. Crosby now clearly intend to thwart the intention as well as letter of the law voted on by the Massachusetts General Court, legislators should simply reject the Governor’s Tribal Compact, and demand Mr. Crosby appear before them to address why he thinks the gaming law as written is open to his whim and interpretation.  Then everyone, including the Mashpee Wampanoag people, can move on!


  1. presume and excuse are like assholes everyone has them and it sounds like the Gaming Commission has a few of them too assholes I mean.

  2. TAUNTON — Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby will be the guest speaker at next week’s Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Series.

    The event will begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 19, at Benjamin’s restaurant on Bay Street.

    Admission is $20 for TACC members and $30 for others.

    To register in advance, call 508-824-4068.

    Crosby was named chair of the gaming commission in December 2011.

    Read more:

  3. Remember the BIA will be in Taunton Wednesday to get comments also in Mashpee thursday.

  4. Tonights meeting of the BIA was a Mashpee circus! Cedric got up and said that having a casino in Taunton will allow economic development...including the conservation of sacred sites in MASHPEE. NOT Taunton. He and a crew of 4 guys followed one of the Pocassets into the bathroom! I heard him say..."watch this" next thing I know he comes out claiming he's afraid and wants a police escort out!!! I felt bad for the Pocasset, I'm sure he was threatened. Folks were well versed on the water and wetlands, this is a lousy site to begin with. The rightful tribes of this area were very honorable unlike Mashpee.
    Pokonokot, Pocasset, Massachusetts care about the land because it is their sacred ground. Mashpee go back to the Cape and Aquinnah can go back to their island!

    1. Simply stated, any real complaints or issues were not presented at the appropriate forum, the BIA meeting this past Wednesday any show stoppers that I have heard about mostly innuendo and misleading or false information should have been presented at this meeting!!!
      My question to all those who have been putting the tribe down why did you not present your bonfire of truth as stated earlier in this blog.
      I see the ability to trash folks but no ability to provide facts or reasonable solutions of any kind.
      Those Wamps who have a problem with the current Leadership; why were your critical “concerns" and illegal actions not presented???? You have made some serious accusations that you have claimed for months that were proven wrong/not presented at the wed BIA meeting.
      I would have thought the BIA was the most opportune moment to present your case.
      I say this to the reelwamps amd wampaleaks site managers, and this is said with respect and is not meant to enflame nor to cause you to dig your heels in further.
      Please come to the table; and discuss your grievances with the council and if the council is not listening, make them, by following the procedures for a grievance with your perceived wrong. The only way we will emerge as a whole nation is through compromise and logical actions that benefit us all.
      I am most troubled by the “some wamps are more wamp” than others methodology which is a conditioned response to how others have treated us in the past and possibly even now. The BIA approving the process speaks volumes about what is not right on the reelwamps and wampaleaks pages.
      The continued attempt to put Mashpee in a segregated area is foolish and has no merit; please study the historical record to see the truth of this. Trying to segment Mashpee will not work as the concepts being discussed is a European one and not valid as it is being tried to sound reasonable or put upon as some type of encroachment of Taunton (not working).
      God Bless America and let the economic engine run. Nay sayers will always attempt to sabotage us but this time it looks like it might just work, we will see. Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!!!
      This maybe a “lousy site” but it appears it will be our “lousy site” to make an economic statement, and I would say it is about time!!!
      Will the innuendo ever stop, you are sure he was threatened, once again no proof but that according to you based on nothing this is now fact! American for Americans (TR)

  5. Jessie Little Doe I was wondering where you were.

    1. Try to focus will ya:)

  6. Mashpee has no historical ties to Taunton. If you want to desecrate land...sacred to our turtles are everywhere at this site. Then put a casino in Mashpee. To hear Jessie Lil Doe state that everyone wants to be Wampanoag in Taunton, is insulting. As it is Mashpee that is taking on more and more members, heck they can't even pronounce Wampanoag! guess they haven't taken your language class Jessee, then again- you exclude state tribes from your classes, don't you?!!! NO Pocasset children are allowed. All you do is further divide this tribe, for generations to come! Honoring who's ancestors? Shame on Mashpee!

    1. Uh, Ya we do, ands I cannot speak for Jessie soI have no idea what you are talking about. Thisis the typical responxse assumptions and half truth, since Iam not Jessie I cannot respond to your assurtions. However, I am willing to bet Poccasset children can take the courses:)

      You sound silly to me as it is well know through out history speaking the same language has been known to bring folks together! Division is saying Mashpee should not build a casino in Taunton.

      As usual your claims are not valid to prevent this logical transition for economic gain for the Tribe (about time). Seems the BIA as no issues with this transition either, seems to me Box turtles are all over Massachusettes is it only where Mashpee is concerned that we should not build; also a little inulting to say Wamps are not for environmental balance (really).

      I say this GGGGGGO Mashpee Wamps economic relief is just around the corner get your slice of the American dream run don't walk either "git it done, Bird"!!!

      All naysayers seem to be loosing thier arguments as each one is proven either false or simply inuendo with no validated facts to back up their claims as to why a casino should not be built in Taunton.

      How about we Honor those who need help right now with the economic validation of the casino you wlll see economic power come to the Tribe, as with every other group of Americans once you control your econnomics you have a distinct ability to control your destiny (imagine that)!

      Nice try at the snarky we are not really Indian, please get your thoughts together and if you have legitimate issues present to the BIA, other wise this all sounds like sour grapes and personnel selfishness on your part.

      Please try to focus on facts and not assumptions becasue they may sound jucier and appear to hold up unitl they are reviewed. Go Csino Go!!!! American for Americans (TR)

  7. I take offence at yet another "entitled" wamp...You claim to care about the land...that Mashpees are good stewards. Well then couldn't they have located a better piece of property? this one falls under the Wetland protection act in 2/3 of the ground. Which means further descration, and potential replication...Some things shouldbe lef alone and whats left of the Cotley River and its watershed, should be too.
    As to Jessee's history and language classes. Do your homework...They are now hosting classes in New Bedford for Mashpee, Aquinnah and Assonet members only! Now we know all about the "Assonet Band" don't we?...My 11 year old can't take classes because he has Pocasset blood...So tell me that you think we are all equal!

    1. No offense is intended to you or anyone else, I suspect that your taking offense is based on personal issues or simply not seeing this Indian enterprise take off.
      I am tired of the entitled language what have I/We been entitled too???? If you are mad that we are federally recognized there is nothing I can do about that, and no, I am not sorry that the federal Government finally did the right thing. If you are affiliated, I hope it occurs for you folks as well.
      I can understand your frustration with not being federally recognized as it gives you some definite opportunities to start an economic process as we are doing, for that I can clearly understand your frustration. What I do not understand is you not seeing our right to proceed with this venture?
      As to locating a better piece of property, I guess you have not seen all of the locations that were attempted and blocked for one reason or another.
      Nope looks like Taunton is it, Cuz Something’s should be left alone this however is not one of them, I see no need to stop this economic engine from proceeding and rightly so!!! The issues you bring up about the land are not a barrier to this much-needed economic process. It simply requires that we are stewards of the land as always.
      Finally your last statement that you are being denied language courses is a very serious accusation, can you tell me how you were denied? Who told you sorry because you are Pocasset Blood (whatever that means?) we will not teach you your own language.
      Something does not sound right about how you are saying this; equality I suspect is not the question. Please speak clearly and identify how you were told no.
      I say this does not sound right simply because the whole point of the reclamation project is to have all renew and rejoice in our lost language, why in the world would you be excluded but everyone else is allowed to learn, you see what I mean your statement is not logical. I wish folks would speak clearly and stop all the innuendo and half-truths on all of these topics. It is really boring and shows a lack of character, if you have something to say of worth then simply speak plain (this works best for all to understand your issues). Get it together will ya, try to focus and not just give the side of the story that presents your view point, how does it go ”just the facts Maam, just the facts”

  8. From Jessees web site:

    Eligibility Requirements: Mashpee, Aquinnah, Assonet & Herring Pond Tribal & Household Members Only (Children must be accompanied by an adult).

    1. Why does this have to be so hard, I swear somthings will just never change. I ask you for information and you only give me a snippet of an item that appears to prove your point.

      Have you spoken to Jessie or simply E-Mailed the site for clarification as to why it states what it does, or have you simply decided the worst case scenario and settled on that???

      I suspect this is so, do you have the reason for the attached statement or simply drawn your own conclusions, this is important to understanding your motivation for saying what you said (let the truth out).

      Based on the continued half truth process at work here I guess I will do the research myself.

      Will let you know what I find (the whole truth) Good or Bad, Sheesh!!!

    2. Well what do you know, my research shows (and boy was it right to the point) that there are valid reasons for those tribal entities to be viable candidates for the initial language reclamation process.
      Please do what I did simply ask a clear question and you to will understand the reasons for the half-truth you posted. It is about control of the process not locking you out; I would recommend you simply ask the questions that I did which was simply why the following are the only ones allowed in the language courses “Mashpee, Aquinnah, Assonet & Herring Pond Tribal & Household Members Only (Children must be accompanied by an adult).”
      I got my answer today in a timely fashion. Do us both a favor and review a process before you just make wild claims as to why that process is in place, your version makes it seem like a spiteful, reckless even hateful way!!!
      This is not even close to the truth, I would post my finding here but I think it would be better if you went back to the site and instead of just cutting and pasting your half-truth please go to the “contact us link” and ask the same question I did see what type of response you get.
      I am in agreement with the policies that were stated, they seem clear, well thought out and reasonable for the project that is underway. This methodology will bring better communication than just posting half the story or the piece that fits your rhetoric.
      Clear communication is required when dealing with each other the more your statements do not bear the whole truth the less likely you will be believed. So make it plain, all are better served:)

    3. I reviewed the web site and I think went one-step further. I asked a question and not surprisingly received an intelligent and thoughtful response.
      I would post the response but would suggest that you do the same thing I did ask the question and not spread a half-truth as you posted.
      Please allow that things are not always, as they appear and assumptions are just that. I would suggest to you that communication trumps innuendo every time.
      I actually agree with the policy they have in place. As I thought, you slightly twisted the issue to fit your scenario of mistrust and division.
      I would say you should state your case if you want your child to learn this revived language (I understand your need) by following the processes which are in place; this may require some work on your part but I think if you really are interested in learning this language you will succeed!!!
      Respectfully I am Not an entitled Wamp just a Wamp (no better than you, Imagine) who as you can see is willing to communicate and help even when an attempt to denigrate is tried.

  9. Everyone is better served than the Pocassets, Seekonks, Chappaquicks, Pokonokots....please tell me, what happens when their federal recognition is granted and the BIA has given their ancestoral lands to you?

    1. I note you completely ignored my response above so I reposted in the hopes that you woul at least akcnowledge my effort to help:)

      Your premise that the BIA is giving anything away is faulty, in fact I would suggest that you also review the historical record and it may shed some light on your continued twisting of the facts.

      I have already shown that you do not do your "homework" Cuz.

      Please do not embarrass your self with further innuenedo with non facts in an attempt to support what you say. It is beneath you, if you have personnel issues with this economic engine for the Mahspee Wamps I cannot help; as I see this as a logical step to supporting the Tribe. Apparently so do the voters in Taunton (thanks for that support)!!!

      I am in no postion to speak about your Federal recognition chances but I hope the ycome to fruition, good luck.

    2. Well I tried to help but as suspected there are peronal feelings and a hurt that I cannot address.

      In my opnion that "nasty can of worms" you speak about can be fixed if you are willing to talk or at least meet the othr party half way.

      I also wonder that now you say you would not even allow your child to be taught by Jesse in the first place!!!!

      So why the big stink about not being able to go???? Also the "all this tribe does" tells me you have already made up your mind about "this tribe".

      So all I can say is good luck with your federal recognition bid and God Bless:) American for Americans (TR)

  10. I do not wish to argue with you...that is all this tribe does...Nor will I beg anyone to allow my children to learn from Jessee...really you open up a nasty can of worms the moment you put Assonet in the mix.

  11. Please, please get off this stupid subject, listen to your self , one wants to be smarter than the other, over what ???
    We have bigger fish too fry, and thats whats up with your casino ???? What happened did the egg rolls take to the hills and try to one up Ceddie ??? Think about that the money must be paid back no matter how many times it was washed and hung to dry its still belongs to the egg rolls ,
    watch who speaks now all the believers , will run and hide and i can say I told you so

    1. The subject is only stupid becasue I proved you to be incorrect, that is not he same as being stupid (see the diffrence). Carefull fuoir bigotry is now starting to show, I have no comment on the casino other than we will see what is reality and what is inuenedo. So far I have proven you like to remake the truth in to what works for you. If the casino does not work then it does not work, you how ever can tell no one anything until you stop twisting the truth. The term Egg roles shows your ignorance and bigotry. I suspect you have no real core values just a mean streak a mile wide, sad.

  12. All your leadership has done is put you further in debt, keep waiting for the casino, opps looks like genting doesn't think your a sure bet is the honorable Cromwell going to get 60% of unemployed tribe members back to work when he has been promising riches....

    1. So that is it the "riches", now I understand your motivation. Jealousy, interesting!!!

  13. Nothing is honorable about any of this! Casino's pay their investors first...politicians second, union contractors third and a few cents for the tribe. Cedric will go down in more flames than Glenn did. He really believed he was entitled to riches...Money doesn't buy class or friends.
    Mayby they can have a slot barn down in Mashpee...

    1. Maybe!?!, Boy you are full of hate and rage same as you are on the REELwamps page (yeah you are the same person), some one must have really peed in you corn flakes, LOL.

      I have never seen one person hang on to their hate as much as you do (and for so long) to have two sites dedicated to this really shows your level of hatred. Careful this type of karmic process has a way of boomeranging on ya.

      Your inclusion of Gelnn in this tells me you were part of that whole misserable mess, I now understand why you are so angry, it is clear to me now this is personal.

      I feel sorry for you as you are a destroyer of things even if Cedric has done somthing wrong that does not make your methodology right.

      Hating your own in this way is pure evil. Sad, but hey what can one do with a destroyer of thier own? Certainly not following such a hateful person comes to mind.

      Eventually it will come out in the wash as it usually does; take note of what happened with Glen and if Cedric is stupid enough to do the same thing then thats on him.

      You on the other hand have chosen to denigrate and destroy purly based on hate and that is the true evil.

  14. You would know about hanging onto hate and other things(Smile) don't you.Look in your own back yard(smile).

    1. I know you get it, so your last comment is really foolish!

  15. Look, I'm not who you think I am...I actually liked Glenn...until the Conviction was exposed. Cedric looks out for his own, and not nessasarily Mashpees..We all know this.
    He has shamed our a Nation and you defend him!!!
    I guess you were one of this generation who got a paycheck from this mess we are won't be there in 7 generations...
    nor will our it has been sold by someone who never understood it.

    1. How have I defended Cedric??? Please take a second look at anything I have said you will see no defense at all.

      I am only saying to stop the half-truths, while you liked Glenn you have to admit things were not done, right during his tenure. What I dislike is the continuing process that says Cedric is not a Wamp.

      I have plainly stated that if he has done anything wrong then that is on him and time will tell the tale.

      What you are doing by this constant "casino" Indian business is wrong and hateful. If Cedric has done, even half what Glenn did to us and to close your eyes to what Glenn did is fanciful and delusional at best.

      I am for no one who is not for all of us, and that means all Wamps, even those over the bridge (foolish and dangerous).

      To marginalize the stolen money is not to compare Cedric to Glenn, but to acknowledge the facts. Glenn was in fact convicted for stealing from you, me, and every other tribal member for personnel largesse, this is wrong and cannot be minimized or compared to another.

      What I hear about Cedric to date has been innuendo and half truth If you folks in this string are so convinced you are right bring the wrong doing proof out in the open and stop this crap with "I know there is wrong doing" but I choose to not provide proof scenarios is stupid, ignorant and derogatory.

      Where were you when the BIA asked question for two nights why not provide your eloquence at that time???

      Directly if you have proof why would you not present it? Also, by me saying this how in the world am I defending Cedric, get it together will ya!!

      If you knew who I was, you would know that I would not take a paycheck for services not rendered! Personal integrity is something I strive to keep clean. However I wonder about you bird!

    2. First of all, lets get a few things straight:

      1. Glenn Marshall was not convicted, he pleaded guilty to a bogus charge because THE FEDS THREATENED TO PROSECUTE HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER IF HE DIDN'T. Get the picture?

      2. Glenn did not steal anything from the Tribe, you imbecile, the money was a slush fund intended for him to help Tribe members who had needs. That slush fund helped to put Jamaal Branch through college. Of course, his mother, Sherry Pocknett turned on Glenn and stabbed him in the back. Glenn CREATED a job for Yvonne Frye Avant, who stabbed him in the back. Glenn gave money to Amelia Bingham for worthless "information" for our recognition petition. Of course, she was the leader in the railroading of Glenn, along with her pimp kidnapper son Stevie.

      Speaking of thieves, Amelia Bingham was caught stealing money from our Museum back in the seventies. The only reason she didn't do the perp walk was because her husband was the police chief. During the same era, Carol Lopez was kicked out of her job as town tax collector because of her sticky fingers. Aaron Tobey's campaign manager... heh. And let's not forget those sticky fingered Fryes! Chery Frye Cromwell's mother "Eyeball" Avant Frye cleaning out the meat from the food pantry, remember that? Or Cheryl collecting money at a "Rumble on the Rez" and keeping it? Or Yvonne Frye Avant's husband Elliot being paid to move piles of horse manure from one place to another at the farm, at a very high price? Or Winnie Johnson Graham selling a worthless machine to the council for $15,000, without a title? Give me a break.

      I've got one for ya, a couple of years ago, "The Tribe" hired a non-Tribal person to plow snow. Later, Cheryl Frye Cromwell tried to shake the guy down for a kickback. He refused, and passed on the info.

      You continue the mantra of "if there's wrongdoing, bring it," but do you really think that Cedric and his minions are going to let that happen? You really are foolish.

    3. Timmy, let me see if I can help you with some facts:
      So Glen is the noble soul taking one for the team huh, wow how do you walk straight line you accuse others of wrong doing but ignore what Glen did (amazing). Yes I get the picture unfortunately you can’t paint or tell real art from a forgery. What Glen did was wrong and trying to throw his family up as a shield is cowardly and despicable. Glen knowing he was being wronged went to prison and did nothing wrong he was a patsy, why yes I get the picture (WOW).
      Glen did steal from the tribe , slush fund my Back side , as the leader of the tribe he had a 4 million dollar slush fund to pay his own bills off and help “certain folks out” Grow up will ya. That money should have been identified immediately and put in the general fund not the fisherman “slush fund” The fact that you see this as not a problem speaks volumes about your character, Timmy.
      As for having needs I would think that money would have been better served in the general fund where its use could have done some real good and been monitored appropriately.
      Timmy, Glen was making very good money at the time so why would he need anything from this “slush fund” as you put it, how do you explain him paying for his own personal needs when he was making more than most regular folks in the entire tribe??? That is a really ignorant thing to say and speaks further about how you are looking at this crime, irrationally.
      Let me tell you something the things that Glen did or did not do were done back door and not above board to listen to you we should be grateful that Glen helped those folks. When you scurry around in the dark and claim you are helping the tribe I have a problem with that, everything you say glen did using the “slush fund” was illegal because no one knew what the heck he was doing, you can’t be this corrupt that you don’t see that?
      Doing things this way makes people beholden and duplicitous in the criminal act it does not make the actions of Glen noble just illegal and sneaky, get it, (probably not) but what the heck .
      Timmy, you are not well it is plain for all to see; in what way am I defending any of these alleged crimes, I am not and never would. They are alleged because you never brought them forward when they were supposedly occurring. Why in the world would I defend any of those alleged offenses? The answer is I would not, so you are also shaky on doing the right thing as well since you seem to know what happened and had proof but did nothing. Yet you ignore the “slush fund” fiasco as something noble (amazing yet disgusting at the same time).
      Timmy my mantra is very simple an d hardly foolish which you seem to hold the record for foolish inaction. Follow the rules bub and then let the chips fall where they may, this means for the slow of mind bring you accusation forward or shut the heck up!

    4. Oh by the way pleading guilty is in fact being convicted of the crime, look up!

    5. I have never seen anyone take so many words to say nothing.

    6. Timmy you have outed yourself.The accusations have been brought fourth and In due time when the s--- hits the fan your paycheck will dry up Timmy.A.ll closed eyes are not sleeping

    7. See this is what I mean slow of mind Why would I be against you doing what you should have done in the first place, Timmy.

      You really need to review your motivations as they seem irrational. How can I out myself by speaking honestly all of my statements have been clean and dealt strictly in the realm of reality. If you did bring charges for wrong doing that will help the Tribe.

      Some just need a push to do the right thing it appears you fall into this category. Oh, I have always had my own job and do not need a "check" to speak the truth.

      Sounds like you are now willing to act and not just malign other Wamps and if they have done the things you say then they should be punished. Your inability to see that we may be on the same path is interesting.

      Sir or Maam, following the rules is simple and should be so for all in positions of authority and trust when they break those rules then they should be removed from those positions. We all make mistakes but when you are entrusted with the care and well being of the tribal entity you have to put others before yourself in all things, all the time this includes Glenn as well as Cedric. while Glenn has been punished for his part in any wrong doing (and he did do wrong whether you agree or not) If Cedric has done wrong then He will have to answer for those wrongs, if not then He should receive that acknowledgement as well.

      You sitting on the side lines throwing rocks is foolish, especially with the charges you continually put out on real Wamps and this site. If you truly have proof of wrong doing and have really put it forward than good on you if this is just more foolish talk then shame on you as it speaks to some personal grudge and that is hateful and should be stopped.

      I also agree closed eyes are not always sleeping, I disagree when those not sleeping closed eyes see wrong doing and let it pass, but complain and whine only. So as I have said before Bring it or shut it.

    8. "Ahhh. A man with a sharp wit. Someone ought to take it away from him before he cuts himself."

      — Peter da Silva

    9. No need, as I understand when to be quite and when to speak! I wonder if you know the diffrence as you speak alot but say very little that can be proven or validated.

      The truth is the truth and you should use it approriatly as it will make your words the best proof of what is right and wrong, any thing less will not stand.

  16. Seven Generations ask Your Cousin Anita about Seven Generations . You defend Cedric and no I did not get a paycheck from any mess unlike yourself. Yes it has been sold by Cedric Cromwell who does not understand it .Go get your paycheck.

    1. I will end this by simply saying you are a singular entity that is chock full of hate that is plain for all to see, your constant splitting and derision based attacks on tribal members speaks volumes about your character.
      If Cedric is wrong, put up or shut up. Your continued cowardly inability to simply tell the truth and let it stand as such is a character flaw if what you have to say is right it should be able to stand the test of a little light (ya Think)!!!
      I stated that Glen mess not just any mess (nice try at deflection), and I believe you were their hip deep in that mess, yes, I believe you were. No one is this driven unless you were snubbed in some why; or denied something that you thought you should still should still be receiving.
      Your two sites clearly show your hate and agenda, your writing style is clear to see (at least to me).
      Sorry I am not on anyone’s payroll I work for a living, how about you?
      Finally if your are such a genius why don’t you run this fall and put your money where your mouth is???? Bring it!

    2. Don't worry, Joan, this nitwit is just another of Paula's offspring, figuratively. The Cromwell junta is scared shitless, now that Glenn is out. They know that he is going to reveal all, and, you know, when you throw a cherry bomb down the shithole, everybody gets splashed.

    3. Excellent I would love Glenn to tell us all the rest of the wrong doing, and great attempt at being several diffrent people (not working). Do you often talk to your self??? it's okay as long as you don't answer back.

      Why do you inisist that somehow I am defending folks are you tinched or just can't read plain english??

      You can't really be this dense, so I can only draw the conclusion that you are in fact that hate filled and so self absorbed you can't see the forest for the trees.

      That is okay I was always told to give extra time to those who were a little soft in the head or slow to see right from wrong.

      So I will wait for the cherry bomb of truth to splash us in its splashy truthfulness LOL!!!

  17. How about instead of waiting for a handout you do what honorable Americans do, WORK....this another example of feeling proud of who you are, create your own legacy instead of waiting for others to crested for you....

    1. Like I said earlier ya have to give the slow of mind extra time to think what they say through to a logical conclusion.

      As I suspected you have nothing intelligent to add to the converstaion so you go to the stereo typical inane comments which have no relavance on anything that is being said. This is the grown folks table bub, come back when you can speak as an adult!

  18. Well I vote for you to stay on your side of the bridge!
    You are far to dangerous and foolish.
    Especially since Genting is going to be looking for their money and there will be no casino.
    Mashpee will be paying for these fools mistakes for seven generations...

    1. My side of the bridge is both sides and any where i choose to go (see how the whole America thing works) except Arizona maybe!

      Could be lets wait and see, all pathways are valid now so I choose to be positive and let the "chips" fall where they may (no pun intended).

      Try haters anonymous it will help with your issues.