Friday, June 8, 2012

Chief: Wampanoag Tribe got federal recognition through efforts tied to fraud

Former Chairman Glenn Marshall gets credit for Wampanoag
Tribe Federal Recognition by current Chief.
The current Chief of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe in Massachusetts told the Enterprise News that were it not for former Council Chair Glenn Marshall that the Mashpee band today would not be a federally recognized tribe.  You see, Marshall is returning home today from prison on the eve of a critical vote by the citizens of Taunton on Mashpee Wampanoag plans to build an Indian casino - something only federally recognized tribes can do - and current Chief Flying Eagle, Earl Mills, Sr told the Enterprise News: 

"“Without him we wouldn’t have tribal recognition... without Glenn we would not have recognition and chances are we would have never gotten it..."

Wampanoag Chief Earl Mills
The Chief admits Glenn "made a mistake" along the way, and he's admitted that he is no fan of the current Council led by Cedric Cromwell but doesn't seem to want Cedric to forget how he got where he sits today.  While trying to distance himself as a reformer, Cromwell served as a Tribal Council member under Marshall during his "mistakes." Cromwell served on the Council which voted to shun and ban tribe members who tried to challenge and seek the tribe's financial records associated with lobbyists Jack Abramoff and Kevin Ring.

So what mistakes associated with gaining federal recognition and starting the tribe's pathway to a casino did former Chairman Marshall make?   Just five criminal counts, including making illegal campaign contributions, tax fraud, wire fraud, and Social Security fraud.  Marshall used monies lent the tribe by South African "investors" hoping to cash in on casino riches (sound familiar today? - just replace South African with Malaysian) to engage in various felonies and activities with the infamous lobbyist "Casino Jack" Abramoff which the Tribe hopes people will forget when considering them as a good partner in casino deals today.  

Wampanoag Lobbyists Jack Abramoff
Wampanoag lobbyists
Jack Ambramoff
So were it not for these criminal acts - which included over 50 illegal political campaign contributions to elected officials who helped the Tribe gain recognition (some of whom are still in office today supporting the Tribe's reservation casino efforts) - we would not be having a vote in Taunton to consider the Tribe's casino plans.  By most accounts from the Tribe, Marshall's acts were not for self-enrichment, but were illegal none-the-less.  The inheritors of Marshall's ill-gotten booty, however, appear more bent on their personal gains versus those of the tribe.

Today's list of characters in this bizarre saga simply has grown to back fill those sent off to jail in a previous act.  They include lobbyist Bill Delahunt, understudy to Mr. Abramoff; Chairman Cedric Cromwell, understudy to Mr. Marshall; and, playing new supporting roles Deval Patrick and Stan McGee.

By all normal definitions the Mashpee Wampanoag's current application for land in trust (LIT) and plans for a casino in Taunton are fruit of a poisonous (or at least rotten) tree.  Federal recognition gained through fraud, deception and shady dealings is not exactly the foundation upon which a credible and trustworthy casino gaming business should be founded.


  1. Maybe not but this what the white man has taught.Look at your own politicians .If it wasn't for Glenn we would not have Federal Recognition.The poisonous tree is called the Federal Government.

  2. yes, yes you are right the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree but at least Glenn shared what he had and didn't get greedy and take it all

    1. Sorry, but as our leader Glenn was not in the position to take anything. He had a duty to make sure all in the tribe were cared for first not a select few or chosen ones.

      Leadership requires taking care of all of those who are perceived to be below you in stature as the leader you are only as high as the lowest person in your care.

      Not understanding this was glens down fall. Taking funds and dividing them up for yourself and a select group of followers is not leadership but idolatry in the truest sense of the word.

      Funny thing if Glen had simply led and followed the constitution he would still be there today.

      By choosing to hide the facts he only hastened his own down fall. this is true of all who lead by ego and false representation. "Sharing" is not an accurate term of what Glen did it was stealing and mismanagement of funds that were placed in his care.

      As a tribal member I see clearly that based on Glen's policies my children would never have prospered unless they too became idol worshipers which I would never allow.

      A true leader should ensure all of the tribe have eaten and bedded down before they themselves eat or sleep.

      That is the true role of a leader anything less is trickery and deception for that leaders own nest.

  3. Reasonable enough, the post has been updated to reflect those important points. Thanks for helping keep this accurate.

  4. I think you are missing the point on the Mashpee Wampanoag people, they are Indian yes but they are also just plain old folks as well, no different from you. That being said they are subject to the same human weakness we all have. Holding Glen up as a bad person is expected but Recognition was nothing more than what was due. I understand the games that are being played, they have been played from the minute folks landed in America. Admitting that Mr. Marshal did wrong is no revelation but I see no need for you to hang your hat on it like some anointed gospel verse.
    All of the things you speak of have been proven true but I ask where did the outcomes bring us? The truth is federal recognition was ours to have no matter the path, since the path was blocked and closed off for “other reasons”. How much can you take from a people and still have those people (yes I went their) retain who they are? As you can see we are still here even with the most heinous methodology of suppression imaginable attempted (and failed).
    I think you will agree (maybe not) American Indians have paid that price in spades.
    Federal recognition is nothing more than the Federal government righting a wrong perpetrated against the Wampanoag culture. You see what has occurred, as of late is nothing new folks with money are trying to use the tribe to increase their value, this trick is as old as time itself and should not be surprising when money is involved.
    Whatever the outcome of the casino (which is what you are really against) this has nothing to do with the Wampanoag Federal recognition. What you have seen is human nature possibly at its worst when it comes to money. Our recognition however is not and never will be in question as it is who we are and always have been or will be.
    The Wampanoag tree is neither rotten nor poisonous (all though some of the fruit may need care from time to time), The Wampanoag tree is vibrant and full of life even through historical adversity this has always been true. Even with the current roadblocks to prevent our economic growth. It is really a matter of control and self worth that we are talking about, and while some may have fallen to human nature. There are others who will do the right thing because it is the right thing, watch and see
    While I do not know the details of the casino, I am sure about the details of the Mashpee Wampanoag’s, and like any other good, honest and caring people they must be valued one person at a time and not as an “other group”.

  5. I know you are not saying this current Admin (cedric,aaron,markpaula,tata,yvonne ,cheryl,and trish) are honest good and caring people?

  6. I guess based on your spacing out your words you think I am for the folks you mention??
    You have again missed the point; I am in no position to judge the folks you mentioned. They are doing what they are doing good or bad and time will tell on that score.
    I am simply saying that the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe is more than its parts. When someone in your family does something wrong do you blame or throw out your whole family with the bath water????
    Mr. marshal was proven to have done wrong, so does this mean all tribal members or the tribe as a whole are guilty of that wrong doing, of course not!!!! I have heard lots of innuendo and half truths about the folks you speak about, (have you read my whole post???).
    I am not speaking about any single person or group of people I am responding to the Recognition issues and that somehow based on the casino issue the Wampanoag Recognition issue is not valid that is simply faulty logic speaking, as for the folks you mention, they are accountable for their actions based on the oaths they took.
    I cannot judge them based on the Wampaleaks and reelwamps as both blogs speak in half-truths, with the reelwamps being unwilling to dialogue as we are doing now.
    All administrations have both good and bad within their ranks, however these folks were voted in and they are the leaders of the tribe, as we grow over time things will be better it takes time to build a nation ask America and see if I’m wrong. Time and patience is required for the diamonds to appear. I am just saying that our recognition is not in doubt, and those in power are responsible for their actions and must remember why they choose to serve.
    Please understand the differences in what I say as they are true and require thought to parse out what is right and wrong in this scenario.

  7. As long as the Mashpee Tribe is led and administered by corrupt individuals they will taint the entire people. If the Tribe cannot clean its own house then it will suffer the consequences of being branded in this manner. This is not characterizing the Tribe because of some random individual member, this is the leadership of the Tribe "voted" in by the majority of its members and empowered to represent the Mashpee Wampanoag people. The good and honest Mashpee people must stand up address these issues if they don't want live with the consequences.

    1. If what you say is, true about the leadership you can brand them as tainted but the "entire People" is unreasonable and illogical, when you elect someone it is based on faith that they will do the job correctly. I defer any painting of the leadership as corrupt until I see proof of that corruption innuendo and half-truths are not the truth. Simply saying a thing does not make it so. I do agree that if corruption is found then the tribe must act accordingly otherwise, you are correct about the consequences of inaction.

    2. Unfortunately, a corrupt and narcissistic leadership does indict the majority of people who elected and continue to support those malefactors in the face of the truth. Until the majority throws out these outsiders, we will all be painted as criminals.

    3. This is illogical and a faulty logic conclusion. Please present your "truth" to the open council and let it speak for itself. You need to stop this segration becasue some one was over ther bridge, you are what you are by birth not by location are you tinched or what. "They" are us and not outsiders but tribal members no better than you or Me.

      You cannot be painted as a criminal unless you have done somthing wrong, see how that works, get it together will ya!

  8. Hello Jessie Little Doe Baird where have you been? Are you tiched or what? The truth shall come out all the truth.

    1. Cuz, sorry I am seeing clearly it you who have the anger issues:) Tiched and I agree let it come out as it should!

  9. LOL, I am not Jessie either, just a Wamp who does not like Bigotry of any kind:)